Monday, 8 October 2018

13 Ways We Do It Better @ Diana's

1. Not Health Food Just Healthy Food
2. We Only Use Top Quality Produce
3. We Only Use Top Quality Meats
4. We Make Our Sauce Fresh Daily—and let it marinate for over 24 hours before it’s ready for you.
5. We Make All Our Artisan Pizza Doughs Daily In House
6. We Only Use 100% Olive Oil
7. We Only Have Low Fat Mozzarella
8. We Don’t Use Imitation Meats
9. We Only Use Sea Salt In Our Recipes
10. It’s Easy To Order Vegetarian
11. We Don’t Use Fake Cheese, We Don’t Use Lard
12. Awarded Canada’s Best Pizza 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 & 2009
13.  Special Orders Don’t Upset Us

I would like to extend the following term that I've spoken about for years:
Non-food ingredient hangover - when the food you've eaten has more non-food ingredients than real-food ingredients and causes your body to feel unwell. Symptoms can include extreme heartburn, headaches, blurred vision, upset stomach, tiredness, irritability, you get the picture. What if the main reasons you don't feel good in your body is because the foods you're giving it aren't actually real food?

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